Reading List And Some Spanish!

I am going to start reading soon. The piles of books are high and I still haven’t as much as opened any of them owing to my commitments. Right now, I am focusing on my Spanish Beginner’s Level final exam and then, I will sort out some time to dedicate to my first love, which is Reading. For now, I am studying like there is no tomorrow….wish me luck 🙂

Here is my future reading list but not in any particular order –

Those Pricey Thakur Girls  

The God Of Small Things

The Last Song Of Dusk

A Song Of Ice And Fire Series

Alice In Wonderland – Suggested by a kind fellow blogger whose humor will give you a run for your money!! 😀

Path Of The Swan

The Fountainhead – It is a jinxed one…I never go beyond certain number of pages…and have to start all over again

Fellow book addicts, share your lists as well. Maybe I can start with one of yours! 😀