Started The First Book On My Reading List

A few months back, I posted my reading list. Due to my busy schedule and other roadblocks, I couldn’t manage to start with any of the books. But now, I have some time on hand because I am on a rehab for excessive Whatsapping (:( trying to console myself by saying this..*sobs like a child who lost her candies*). I started with the easiest read – Those Pricey Thakur Girls written by Anuja Chauhan. It is chick lit. Wait. Don’t you jump into conclusions. The author (she has a very very interesting bio, which you can read here) is a natural and knows where the funny bones of her readers lie and that is what makes this book and her first book (The Zoya Factor) on  my fave list of Indian Chick Lit.

I admit openly, they are 2/3 rds of the Indian chick lit I have read. The 3rd being Jayshree Mishra’s Secret and Lies. I also had a copy of her Battle For Bittora but I gave it away without turning a page, to a friend (benevolent readers with heart of pure gold can gift it to me anytime they want 😛 😛 😉 😉 ). Anyway, I am on page 62 – which is a huge accomplishment (drumrolls) 😀 So far, I am enjoying it thoroughly except for too many characters, with whom I have not yet connected. Maybe its the name? Maybe it is too unrealistic to believe? Maybe I am still not over her first work, which I have read twice and looking for the same thing here? Only time the last page will tell.

The Book

Those Pricey Thakur Girls : Photo by Sucheta Biswas