Finished The First Book On My Reading List!!!

I had compiled a list of books to read and started with Those Pricey Thakur Girls. It took me 9 hours (including the few minutes spent for the first 10-20 pages or so) and with a marathon reading till the wee hours of Sunday, I achieved my “target” 😛 In case you are wondering, the pages were 300+.

Now I re-organized my bookshelf yesterday and because I am pressed for time, I have to create a new reading list from the scratch. Rapid reading it is. I am thinking of taking up Nadeem Aslam’s  books. I have these books of his in my collection:

Season of the Rainbirds

Maps for Lost Lovers

The Blind Man’s Garden

Will I be completing the triology or take up some other book in between? You will know soon enough 😉