30 Day Game Of Thrones Challenge – Day 22

Day 22: Choose a house and bannermen?

Martell is obviously my house of choice. The bannermen will be the Targaryens, the Starks, the Tullys, and of course, the Baratheons of the Dragonstone.

**And they will spell doom for House Lannister and the so-called House Baelish 👿


16 thoughts on “30 Day Game Of Thrones Challenge – Day 22

          • The Reynes had put up a great defense against Tytos (Tywin’s father). When Tywin took charge he managed to push them back, and the Reynes retreated to their castle. The land was rich in gold mines, and they took refuge in the mines thinking that no army could mount an assault on them there, for which they were right. Then they sent terms of cease Tywin. After refusing the terms, he had the mines blocked form all asides except some entrances, and built dams so that the rivers would flood the mines. The Reynes which had not died in fighting, were all inside the mines. After filling them with water, he shut off the entrance with large rocks. Everybody died of drowning.

            People heard faint screams of shouting from below for one day which stopped later. The castle was burnt to the ground.

            Nobody messed with Tywin after that

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            • Tywin and the Mad king were good friends. They fought side by side as teens and young men. As the Hand, Tywin was a very able administrator and realm prospered during his reign.


            • Well people poisoned the king’s ears that Tywin was getting more powerful than him. Aerys made a jape that he should have had the king’s bedding right to Joana before Tywin (an old custom that was discontinued).

              Later when Tywin proposed that that Rhaegar marry Cersei, the Aerys rebuffed him saying that the prince cannot marry the daughter of his servant.

              Aerys was later held hostage when he rode to deal with lord of Duskendale (forgot his name). He threatened to kill Aerys if anyone attacked, and Tywin took six months before Ser Barristan Selmy infiltrated and rescued the king. The King was mad by now and thought that Tywin did it deliberately so that the Lord of DUskendale would kill him..

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            • Ooh…..quite some literature. If only GRRM would finish off the rest two books! I can’t just start reading and then wait like a fish out of water for the sequels 🙂 Thanks Santulan for the spoilers! #enlightened.


            • I bought the World of Ice and Fire last week, which has the entire history of all houses. With brilliant colored illustrations. It is like an encyclopaedia written by a Maester for the King.. So it is like reading a real life history book. Very good work.

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            • Ooh…this is something I need to own with the series. What about the Hedge Knight series? They are the prequels. Have you tried them?


            • An aspect which was not touched heavily in the show is the extent of Aerys’ madness. He would cut himself on the Iron Throne and forbade any blade in his presence (save that of the Kingsguard). He didn’t even cut his hair or nails which grew very long (nails were at least 9 inches long, IIRC).

              When rescued from Duskendale, he had the entire house tortured before being burnt. He would take great joy in burning things/people. When Robert’s rebellion was at its peak, he had the alchemists hide many vats of wildfire in the city which he would use to reduce entire King’s landing (with its people and buildings) into ash. This is why Jamie killed him/

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