30 Day Game Of Thrones Challenge – Day 23

Day 23: Lord Of The Rings Or Game Of Thrones?

This one is a lame comparison. Took it up because I am running late and running out of ideas.

A. Both are set in different worlds

B. Both have totally different set of story lines

C. I love them both equally (also, I saw them without reading the books πŸ˜› )

So, both are on the same level for me. I can’t compare apples and oranges πŸ˜‰

9 thoughts on “30 Day Game Of Thrones Challenge – Day 23

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  2. πŸ™‚

    I am currently working on a post (to be published next month) doing a Lord of the Rings/Game of Thrones post too, but like you, it won’t be trying to prove one is better than the other.

    (Sneak preview: it will be the orc’s perspective on the Game of Thrones story…)

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      • I appreciate your desire not to compare the two as works.

        I like to focus on isolated elements, like how the crannogmen in A Song of Ice and Fire remind me of hobbits (if the Shire was a swamp) or elves (if there was a group of Silmarillion elves who lived in a swamp…)

        How Ned looks like Boromir but is more like Faramir…

        If the Iron Islanders had ever sailed so far west that they caught sight of Valinor.

        Stuff like that.

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        • Wow….you have read the Silmarillion as well?! I am not even half the way there 😦 What about ‘the children’ though? They are not kind of elves…with long lives and skills? Just making a wild guess this one… πŸ˜€


          • Oh yes, the Children of the Forest certainly have that fey vibe.

            And I’m not saying the crannogmen are hobbits or elves, they’re people, but I just like the fact that they are so culturally different, how they are kind of looked down on but are Super-Dangerous on their turf.

            I’ve read the Silmarillion a couple of times. The hardest part is the first couple of hundred of pages which is all set up and listing of the Valar and so on. But once stuff starts happening, it’s decent reading.

            I don’t know how well it would adapt to a movie (or set of movies.)

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  3. I read both before reading and actually read LOTR books when in Junior high school…years ago and have since re-read. I do like the LOTR theme of not having to be powerful, rich, strong…to do go good in the world. It isn’t just about conquering but about winning out over evil. So I guess I’ll go with LOTR over GOT. GOT is lots of fun, grittier…but the other is more about ideals than power. People make real sacrifices for others and for the greater good of all creatures.

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