30 Day Game Of Thrones Challenge – Day 28

Day 28: If you were to be in Westeros, which profession would you like to take up?

I would be a Maester by profession. Why? Well, I have a certain thirst for knowing everything that exists in the world. The chain worn by a maester, with the links having special significance will be my badge of honour or rather, my “degrees” that I will proudly display. I would teach the kids of noble houses – another favorite occupation. Also, I would be able to heal people with injuries so, I can also be a medico!! Multitasking is indeed a fascinating thing and in Westeros, it becomes double the fun 😛


14 thoughts on “30 Day Game Of Thrones Challenge – Day 28

      • 🙂

        I don’t know. Those guys have the same basic rules as the Night’s Watch, no family, lands, or titles. But the weather is certainly better for them than the poor guys at the Wall.

        And Kingsguard have to safeguard clowns like Aerys or Joffrey… so that’s not a plus.

        Maybe I’d want to be one of the Iron Bank of Braavos guys. But then I’d probably get harassed by the Occupy Braavos protesters, mad at Big Finance.

        Saladhor Saan always seems to be partying. But piracy isn’t my thing.

        I just don’t know!

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