Haiku: The Sound Of Music


The familiar sound
Of folk drums that reverberate
Brings back memories


30 Day BOOKS Challenge – Day 1

With the Game Of Thrones Challenge over (PHEW!), it is time for me to turn a new page and what better way to do so than taking up 30 Day Book challenge 😀 You heard me right! There will be books, books and more books in the challenge. After all, one of the best ways to read a book is to cozy up in a comforter with a beverage in hand on any winter day 😉

Day 1: The five books bought most recently by me

1. The Walled City

2. Marley and Me

3. The Path of the Swan

4. Tin Fish

5. The Purple Line

Out of these, I have managed to finish number 4 and 5. 🙂

An addition on Jan 13: I am half way through Marley and Me 😀

30 Day Game Of Thrones Challenge – Day 30

With this post…the series of Game of Thrones Challenge comes to a close. I thank Patrick (who has his own lovely blog on GOT), Santulan, Kanzensakura and everyone else who have been on exploring GOT and adding to my meagre knowledge 🙂 It was awesome sharing the same passion as you guys. Yeayy!!!! 😀

Day 30: One celebrity from the show you would love to meet IRL?

I would love to meet Arya Stark/Maisie Williams. When I was on Twitter, I used to follow her and she has a wacky sense of humor. She also has a pet tortoise and is cool in every which way. Yeay and yeay 😀 And because I am such a greedy person :P, I would also love to meet Peter Dinklage and Pedro Pascal 😀

Whom would you like to meet and why?