30 Day BOOKS Challenge – Day 2

Day 2: The environment you most enjoy reading in

Once upon a time, I had the superpower of reading anywhere I wanted. The environment didn’t matter at all. I have read with my legs up on the window sills, head dangling from my bed, under the bed (monsters were my buddies 😛 ) and even…in the bathroom because I needed to finish a novel during my exams!! I have taken my books to people’s homes and read while eating on the table, boxing of ears from parents notwithstanding. I have read in every climate imaginable and without any distractions.

With a 9 to 5 (add two more hours to it) job, which requires me glued to the screen doesn’t exactly help my cause. I can no more read sitting upright and have major distractions on the way. That explains my long pending book and reading lists…

Ideally, give me a quiet room with a cup of coffee and a bed with loads of cushions and a blanket, and I will happily tuck myself in and read pages after pages ❤  The other alternative is reading in the balcony post lunch. 😀

What is your favourite environment that gets you reading?