30 Day BOOKS Challenge – Day 4

Day 4: A book that makes you laugh out loud

There are many books that had me in splits!

To begin with, I love The Shopaholic series that is full of funny moments. Even the Twenties Girl written by the same author has similar humor that makes me LOL 😀

The next has to be The Princess Diaries. The way Mia writes about people and incidences…way too funny. I also love the exchanges between her and her Grandmere 😉

Enid Blyton’s Mysteries series with Clear Orf and of course, her boarding school series were way too funny for a teenager me 🙂

Back home, it is Anuja Chauhan who has never disappointed with her witty lines in her books such as The Zoya Factor and Pricey Thakur Girls. The Hinglish makes it all the more merry 😀 😛

And….the Harry Potter series…(here begins me mentioning HP books at the drop of a hat…sigh…No escaping there! ). I love each and every part in the books that have humor involving the Weasleys. From Arthur to Ginny. Special mention – Gred and Forge ❤ 😉