30 Day BOOKS Challenge – Day 5

Day 5: A genre you would like to get into

Sci-fi. I have tried Thrillers and crime. But hardcore Sci-fi is something I am yet to explore. It is my weak spot because I am not that fond of science-related anything! I have read abridged versions of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, Journey To The Center Of Earth and The Time Machine. But they are not sufficient, are they? I have been suggested the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy and I will start with it someday.

Do you have any other suggestions for the Genre?

12 thoughts on “30 Day BOOKS Challenge – Day 5

    • Skylights sounds like a delightful read 😀 Sc-Fi and Adventure are often intertwined and maybe that is the reason why it is categorized as such?


  1. I have read unabridged version of 20,000 leagues… and I think that’s the one sci-fi story I liked. Time Machine I found not much interesting… Can’t name any recent books thought,at least not at this moment 🙂

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