30 Day BOOKS Challenge – Day 18


Day 18: Which book do you believe can be quite a challenge to read?

That would be LOTR – Lord Of The Rings for me. The language might not be a constraint, but the names in the movies have baffled me. I still do not know who is called what 😦 This is why when I will read the series, I will read The Hobbit before anything else and at a slow pace so as to know which character is what. Taking notes will be helpful I guess! 🙂

10 thoughts on “30 Day BOOKS Challenge – Day 18

  1. Challenge Accepted.

    Although to be truly honest. I have tried and failed even after reading the prequel (The Hobbit). Even in the prequel you might find references to ‘The Silmarillion’ which would be the one preceding the Hobbit.

    The Hobbit keeps a brisk pace going through the story. But LOTR is actually very slow to start and anyone expecting anything like ‘The Hobbit’ would be sorely disappointed.

    In short Tolkien created a daunting large world that cannot be overcome by some eager, keen enthusiastic, impatient reader. You need regular and consistent reading pattern to conquer this everest.

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    • This is epic Kirk!! Readers, if you are reading LOTR, please take this advice from him. 🙂 What about The Silmarillion?? How is the pace?


  2. Best regards in reading Lord of the Rings. I think reading the Hobbit first would be a fun way to ease into things, but the two books are very different in tone.

    The Hobbit is more whimsical and fanciful.

    Hope you enjoy LotR, it’s very epic.


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