How To Take Care Of Your Old Books

Image Source: Pixabay

Image Source: Pixabay

Nothing can beat the smell of books – old and new.

Being a book lover, I squeal at every new book I receive as gifts, giveaways or purchases from book fairs or book sales. But I also fondly caress the spines of my old books – the seniors in the cupboard – from time to time and the yellowing pages remind me of the glorious past they had. Like ageing people, ageing books also need constant care and attention. That is, if you want to preserve them for ages. Here is how you can go about taking care of your old books:

  1. Dust is the mortal enemy of books. Keep your books and bookshelves away from dust and dirt. Follow a weekly or at least a fortnightly regime of dusting your bookshelves thoroughly.
  2. Harsh sunlight and moisture also spell doom for your old books. Keep them covered or place your shelves away from the window and away from your bathroom doors!
  3. Do not set your books directly on the shelves. Use a plastic sheet or cloth on the shelves in a way that it is not visible or spoil the decor of your room. Place your books atop these sheets or clothes.
  4. Loose pages are tell-tale signs of a much loved book. Why not bind the book again and restore its former glory? I suggest going for plain binding and decorating the cover yourself.
  5. Never overstuff your bookshelves with books – either old or new. The reason is simple. You can accidentally cause damage while taking them out for reading sessions.
  6. Do not keep any flower or leaves inside your books, especially the ageing books. It is an open invitation to insects and also, the infestation (if any) can spread to other books almost like a book-epidemic!
  7. Remove all the bookmarks from a book after reading. Keeping or forgetting bookmarks in a book causes gaps at places and cause pages to loosen.

Share your tips to take care of old books. How do you shower your love on them?