Pet Peeves Of All Booklovers

Image source: Pixabay

Image source: Pixabay

I scream

You scream

We all scream….when we booklovers encounter these issues

  • Gap on our bookshelves owing to someone who never returns a book. They borrowed it back in the Jurrasic era and failed to return in the age of smartwatches.
  • Non-readers pretend that they love books just to impress others.
  • The really clumsy oafs, who will make it a rule of their thumbs to spill everything on the pages and not a drop outside.
  • People kick books to shove them in a corner. *makes me gasp in horror*
  • When someone dog ears the books, especially when we don’t do this but they do…to our books.
  • Folks going ga-ga over a movie adaptation (crappy ones at that) without even reading the book.
  • People selling off rare editions at dirt cheap rates because they don’t know the value!
  • Making crafts from books. No me gusta.

What about you? Do you identify with these pet peeves?


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