Reader’s Nook: QA with Christy Bharath


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Here is a new post series in which I am going to dig out stuff from readers’ brains. Let’s see how similar we are or how different we are from each other 🙂 Cheers to reading and happy weekend readers!

The first post arrives by Owl Post or your can say, Raven Post 😉

What I nicked from Christy’s Blog – My first-ever career aspiration involved a friendly Tyrannosaurus Rex with an equestrian saddle and townspeople in need of a masked hero. Two decades ago, I gave up on it and decided to do something less dramatic instead.

What I have to say about Christy – Christy is the Birdman and is Salim Ali reincarnated. He is wickedly funny and funnily wicked and you can stalk him at –

Here is a set of questions I asked Christy.

  1. Name 5-10 of your most favourite books
  • Franz Kafka – Metamorphoses
  • Slyvia Plath – Bell Jar
  • Douglas Adams – Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy
  • Iain Banks – Wasp Factory
  • William Burroughs – Naked Lunch
  • John Kennedy – A Confederacy of Dunces
  • Famous Five: 15: Five On A Secret Trail
  • Emily Bronte – Wuthering Heights
  1. A book that you have re-read the most

Chuck Palahniuk – Survivor

3.Favourite authors and why

Franz Kafka: If he wasn’t a writer, he would have killed himself. He probably had one of the purest reasons for ever being one.

Ernest Hemmingway: More mirror than human. Best writer ever.

  1. Genre you dislike


Is Chetan Bhaghat a genre?

  1. Character crush

Alice from Lewis Caroll’s Alice In Wonderland (while growing up).

  1. Character you strongly identify with

Garfield from Wuthering Heights / Vernon from DBC Pierre’s Vernon God Little

7.One character you want to bring to the real world

Adrian Mole (created by Susie Townsend)

  1. What is your ideal reading space/environment

Late morning, outside a cottage in the hills, overlooking peaks and valleys.

  1. Must-have books in a collection

No such thing is my humble opinion although I wouldn’t know why anyone wouldn’t want to have at least two Gerald Durrell books in their collection.

10.Earliest memory of books and reading

One entire summer, my grandpa read Edgar Allen Poe stories to me at night, right before buying Kulfi ice cream. I couldn’t see the horror in them considering how entertaining his theatrics were.

  1. Weirdest book or reading experience

Reading Stephen King’s Thinner when I was in college, and having a dream about the opposite happening to me. I woke up when my stomach exploded. I finally understood Stephen King.

P.S. You can participate too. Send me an email with the answers to these set of questions, your blog’s link and a short bio and I will publish the same..


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