7 Insane Bookshelf Arrangement Tips For The Disorganized

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

Not all of us hold a degree in Library sciences. Not all of us are immensely organized as individuals. It is true for me and maybe, a lot of you reading this post as well. Let me share some insane bookshelf arrangement tips for the disorganized, which I have implemented practically. Hope it helps 🙂

**Before anything else, heap your books on the floor.

  • Break free from the rules. Whoever said that books need to be stacked according to their height, weight and what not must have had a lot of free time to while away. We don’t. So, don’t worry if the alignment goes awry or if one book sticks out like a sore thumb in the stack, go ahead and arrange them the way it suits you.
  • Arrange by colors. Color coding is one of the easiest way to get your book arrangement done. From the heap of books, make stacks of different colors. Once you are done with all the books, put them all in the shelf using the VIBGYOR pattern or CMYK or any other pattern that you want. Ideally, I opt arranging them from the darkest colors to the lightest.
  • Stack them horizontally and vertically. Alternate between stacking your books horizontally and vertically. This way, you will not need to invest in bookends. Think of all the money this will save you and the shelf space you can fill up with your beloved books!
  • Leaning books are interesting too. If the prim and proper mode of book arrangement is not your cup of tea, you can also opt for leaning books. They give your room a casual look and feel. I love this arrangement for thin, hardcover books.
  • Save yourself trouble of searching. Save yourself the agony of having to search your latest purchases from the book stack by arranging books with the newest ones first. Work your way down to the last shelf, where only the oldest and the most read books will reside. This way, you can quickly grab your latest books for reading.
  • Arrange them according to their genre. Moody people like my cousin, tend to leave a book midway only to pick up another, completely different book and then coming back to the previous book. For this, the best idea for book arrangement is to stack them according to their genre. I have an entire row of books on my shelf dedicated to classics and literature, another for languages and non-fiction, one for chicklit, one for books that are in series and another for South Asian literature and other novels.
  • Let the books breathe. No matter how you arrange your books, always leave some gaps in between the stacks and allow them to breathe. You can also put a deodorizer to keep away moths and insects and let your books be in the pink of health.

Have a picture of your bookshelf and your unique book arrangement? Mail them to me or share a link here. Happy reading 🙂