Utterly Nonsensical Reasons Why I Refuse To Read Some Books After Page 1


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Dear Writers Of Books I Wanted To Read But Couldn’t,

I am a reader. I want to be an voracious reader once more and I do have the potential in my bones you know. But I can’t. I can’t just go beyond page #1 even though I try hard to !!!! I will not blame you because I do understand. This is why, it is I who is on the wrong side of things. The reasons are nonsensical.

The names seem fake: Some authors (I won’t reveal) love naming their characters as if they are going to name their future brood of kids. Exotic names. Really really exotic names. Now it can be understood that some names do suit the character and the setting. But puhleeeseee….sometimes they just stick out like a purple tongue. Okay, if the name is short and fairly simple, I can still proceed a bit. But…

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10 Reasons Why Books Are An Ambivert’s Delight

Image Source: Pixabay

Image Source: Pixabay

Ambivert is a personality trait, which is somewhere in between Introvert and Extrovert. Here are some of the reasons why books are an ambivert’s delight:

  1. Books are your best companions and you can sink into one if the crowd around you is too much to bear.
  2. You can avoid talking to strangers by excusing yourself to read a book.
  3. One or several of your favourite books in your hands and a warm cuppa is sufficient for “me” time.
  4. When you are looking forward to the answers to some questions that life poses, turn to a  book and turn the pages.
  5. Get an overwhelming range of topics to discuss by reading books.
  6. Shopping for books is a great experience by itself. You can even shop alone and that too anytime you want to.
  7. Your books will always be your loyal friends and never desert you no matter what. They will not even judge you.
  8. Your friends know what to gift you – Books. You need not tell them explicitly.
  9. Travelling with a good book is all that you need to avoid small talk with strangers. Alternatively, they are great conversation starters with strangers.
  10. Get a wider perspective on the world without having to meet tons of people simply by reading books.