Reader’s Nook: QA with Adi

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

If you are a regular on WordPress, I am sure you must have come across Adi’s blog called The Happy Lifeaholic. If you want daily dose of wonderful poetry, visit her blog. Where she has recently started posting poetry from her childhood called the Innocence series. She has the Midas Touch, whatever she writes, is awesome to read. I am so not exaggerating 🙂 Okie, without wasting your time and mine, here is a set of questions answered by Adi. Enjoy!

1. Name 5-10 of your most favourite books
Oh boy, well, i) The Chronicles of Narnia series ii) Harry Potter series iii) Black Beauty by Anna Sewell iv)The Naughtiest Girl series. There we have it. That’s technically more than 4, but those were/are my favorites. I have several other books I enjoy, but none that I’d consider favourties.
2. A book that you have re-read the most
Possibly my Naughtiest Girl series! 🙂 Read my article, and you’ll see why!
3.Favourite authors and why
Enid Blyton – for reasons made obvious in my article
Ken Follet, Agatha Christie, Clive Cussler, John Le Carré – they all write extremely well, and their crime thrillers are some of the best in the business.
4. Genre you dislike – teenage angst. Been there, done that; so over it!
5. Character crush – unfortunately none that I can remember. I used to crush on Draco Malfoy, but not because of his character! More because teenage me found actor Tom Felton drool worthy.
6. Character you strongly identify with – too many to name. Think strong, independent women.
7.One character you want to bring to the real world – Mary Poppins. Please. I’d love to clean my room up with a click of my fingers! And she throws fabulous tea parties!
8. What is your ideal reading space/environment – a quiet corner or nook, that is well padded with cushions. And preferably one with a blanket and snacks nearby. 🙂
9. Must-have books in a collection – There are waaay too many of these lists floating around the internet. But I think that depends on the kind of books you read. I think P. G. Wodehouse always provides a good chuckle, John Le Carré provides wonderfully penned thrillers, and the rest, you can find through Google.
10.Earliest memory of books and reading – I’ve been reading since before I can remember. But in particular, I remember my mom and I going across to the Pune outlet of the British Council to read. We’d spend hours there, making it a weekly Sunday routine. I spent a good 7 years of my childhood in there.
11. Weirdest book or reading experience – Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. That book…is an experience in itself..

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