More Questions On My Way :D

Like I always say,  it does no harm in answering questions thrown at you, here is a set of questions asked by Uma, who blogs here.

One favorite Movie/Book Character you would like to turn ?

The very studious Hermione Granger. Nuff said. 🙂

Your Craziest Obsession?

Dogs. I ogle at them. Even the stray ones.

What is your fantasy like ?

To walk into this room full of books and never come out of it again.

If you had a chance to confess something,what would that be ?

I really don’t like people with a pathetic sense of humor and I only laugh at their jokes so that they don’t feel bad.

Your favorite Comfort Food ?

Papdi Nu Lote or Kheechu (Basically a rice powder thingy from Gujarat)

Your Dream Travel Location ? ( Other than Paris !!)

Greece. Without a doubt.

What is Blogging for you ?

It is a way of life. It has been a year and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

What is the most important ethics you follow while you blog?

Keeping the language ‘clean’ despite the urge to hurl expletives every now and then 😛

That first thing you do when you log into your Computer/Internet?

I check my Goodreads account.

When was the last time you laughed out loud ! ( I mean the real LOL Moment)

Yesterday! I was laughing at a friend’s pronunciation of a recently released movie 🙂


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