The Mills and Boons Story of the Unexpected Kind!

NOTE: I know you all must be confused as to why I am posting old posts now? Well, these are posts from my erstwhile blog (sounds so royal) and I have had people read them last year. But to my new readers, these are fresh posts and I don’t want them to miss out on any book related posts 🙂 So I will be re-posting random blogs, which some of you might have already read.

Not very long ago, my friend visited a quaint little bookstore in Allahabad, UP. She mentioned that she was really surprised at the sight of the store selling all sorts of new and pre-owned books and that too at hefty discounts. Being a booklover bookhogger, she dashed straight towards it like a Zombie in search of brains or Vampire in search of fresh blood 😛 😉 :mrgreen:

She bought all those books that I promptly forgot the names…and talked to me animatedly over the phone like a little child clutching treasures in her hands. What she also added was this incident at the store, where a group of local chaps were circling around the store and obviously, they were not there for the books! Guess what, they ended up cornered in the “Mills and Boons section” in the store. 😛

X: Arey…yeh dekho…yeh badhiyaa books hain. Tumne padhi hai? (See the books? These are excellent. Have you read them? )

Y: Bilkul padhi hai. Badi achchi hoti hai. Main aksar khareedta rehta hu yehi se.(Of course I have! These are awesome. I keep on buying them from this store)

X: Haan…yeh wali “insert any M&B book name”. Yeh badhiya hai. (yes..this one..this is great!)

Y: Bilkul. Aur yeh bhi. (yes..and this one as well) picks up another one from the counter 

My friend and another girl were by this time making payments to the shopkeeper. Both of them glanced at one another and could barely suppress the fits of laughter. Because they knew that obviously, the guys had no clue about M&B and it was doubtful that whether they had read any other book as well!

Suddenly,  the other girl spoke up – loudly, so that the “booklovers” could hear her.

“Nice books na…? Girls read them a lot but the numbers are dwindling day by day!!”

To which, my friend replied (with a fictional answer made on the spot) “Yeah…my fifteen year old niece is a die-hard fan. I recently bought some for her.” (her niece is a toddler of barely two years 😛 )

The store keeper couldn’t resist laughing out loudly and the chaps…they quietly moved away from the M&B section and eventually fled the store. 😀

Things that people do for making an impression on strangers !! 😉

P.S. I do not want to state that M&B reading is a girly thing or that guys can’t read it, through the post. It is just to highlight what happens a lot around us in the name of “being cool” or to “impress” chicks 😛

39 thoughts on “The Mills and Boons Story of the Unexpected Kind!

  1. omg too funny!! growing up in karachi i used to go to an old musty dusty bookstore to buy barbara cartland, georgette heyer, sweet dreams, and mills and boons which somehow folks in the u.s missed out on 😉 along with agatha christie . . ..all these way after the enid blyton years! on the topic of guys and mills and boons: i once stayed a few months with family in islamabad where my male cousin (age 17 or so at the time) would nick my silhouettes and mb’s to read, i thought it was the funniest thing in the world but some guys actually read them 🙂


  2. These are the same kind of people who post pictures of books (mostly borrowed :P)with strategically placed tea/coffee mug on instagram and hashtag things like #lovebooks, #bookaddict, etc.
    If I question them about it, they won’t even know the author’s name :O


  3. They actually had the nerve to say stuff like:

    Dimwit 1: Ye wali dekho…”In the arms of desires”..iska yaar naam sune hai hum. (Look at this one.. “In the arms of desires”….i have heard of this one actually”

    Dimwit 2: Haan yaar…hum bhi…koi award jeeta hua hai…yaad nhi aa rha sune toh hum bhi hai (Yeah…i hv heard of it has won some award…i cant recall it exactly at this moment though)

    I was on the verge of Asphyxiation as I was trying too hard not to laugh. I mean come on…look at the name.. “In the arms of desires”…and look at the cover page…!! How thick can you be. I think it was at this point when that clever girl and my Partner in crime started that animated chat with me about the books and my 15 year old niece. Lol
    #Hillarious experience.


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