SoundCloud – Be Warned, It Is Addictive

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

I tried SoundCloud for the first time today. There were so much noise about this app and I was anyway keen to try it personally. Now I know what the fuss was all about.

Ladies, Gentlemen, SoundCloud is ADDICTIVE.

Not only it lets you search for your favourite artists and bands and songs, but also gives you suggestions based on your taste in music.  I must mention that the suggestions are just so-so apt!

I am totally in love with the app.

Because I believe that too much of talking about apps spoil the fun, I leave you with some links to the SoundCloud web app (these are my faves). Give it a try please. Once. And then, it will be a point of no return 😉

One Republic – Counting Stars

American Authors – The Best Day Of My Life

Imagine Dragons – Demons

Poets Of Fall – Carnival of Rust

Agnes Obel – Riverside

Khuda Ke Liye – Bandeya Ho 

Haider – Bismil

Sanam Puri – Ishq Bulava (Unplugged version type)


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