Whose Blog Is It Anyway?

I am a Hogwarts student and was sorted into Ravenclaw by the Sorting Hat.

If only this was true. Sigh.

A technical content/copywriter by profession, I also moonlight as an amateur artist trying my hands on various DIY arts and crafts and of course, I am a blogger. I have a penchant for learning new languages and reading as many books as time permits.

Being an ambivert and an animal/nature lover, I love the characters in my books and my pets (along with other people’s pets) more than people I come across in real life.  This is the reason I scrapped my old blog and started afresh with a blog that allows me to explore my most favorite hobby – reading and other topics I am passionate about.

I love Harry Potter, as you might have already guessed and Game Of Thrones. These are the best things to have happened to me! You will read a lot on these two topics on my blog. A LOT. Be prepared for the inevitable.

I would like to mention that I do not accept awards for the blog. The reasons –

A. WordPress is a great leveler and everyone who blogs is a recipient of awards. Why choose a few then?

B. I do not like a cluttered interface. Blog badges will hog up my meticulously customized blog theme.

Ask me all your questions by getting in touch with me via my contact page.


13 thoughts on “Whose Blog Is It Anyway?

  1. Game of Thrones, eh? I must confess I’ve never seen it (I might have watched if I’d had the channel programmed into my TV but I hadn’t. I do know I was frustrated by the many fans in Croatia who clogged the streets around the most famous sites just to gaze on locations where GoT had been shot. Those of us who had gone there to get our fix of history were left feeling very short-changed. Which begs the question, should history take precedence over television ratings, or am I being elitist?
    I’m enjoying your book reviews.

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    • I loved what you wrote and I can’t agree more to this. You shall hear from me soon in person as the comment section is too short to hold long conversations over certain points. I am glad you are enjoying the blog, it is a very basic one though! 🙂 Thanks much. I feel encouraged!


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  3. Hell… you do read a lot… and write well too… nice
    So I aint too much into reading books… but more into reading experiences…So other than your most important hobby reading… I can match up on the rest.. Glad you visited my blog!
    Keep visiting

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