Book Reviewing Policy

Scribbling Owlet accepts book review request in limited genres of fiction, which includes –

  • Young Adult Fiction
  • South Asian Fiction
  • Indian Fiction
  • Romance (No erotica)
  • Fantasy 
  • Poetry (provided it is short)

Books other than these genres can be considered, depending upon the synopsis. Sci-Fi and Non-Fiction are a strict No-No until and unless I visit a store and pick them up for myself.

I accept English, Hindi and Bengali books. But all my reviews will be in English.

Types of copies I accept

I accept only paperback/hardcover copies from publishers and authors. For poetry books of 100 pages and less, eBooks in PDF format are acceptable.

Uncorrected proofs are always a delight. I love those babies. Even uncorrected proofs with neat proofreading marks will do; just that I should be able to read the book.

I do not intend to sell any of my ARCs. But can give it to my friends to read, when the book has been released on the market. If I do intend to share the book before that, I will do so only with prior consent from the author/publisher.

What you need to send me along with the book

A synopsis that covers what the book is all about, pictures of the book’s cover or the link from where I can download it, author’s bio (not compulsory) and a brief about the publication house (not compulsory).

Time taken to review a book

Depending upon the pace of the novel, I finish a book of about 300 pages in max. one week or two. If the book is really interesting, I can read it within three days . However, in some cases, there can be delay.  In rarest of rare cases, if I find a book too dull, I will stop midway and maybe pick it up later or not.

Honest review

I believe in providing honest, well-balanced reviews for all the books that I read. All my published reviews will be my personal opinions and I will definitely appreciate the hard work that has been put in a book.

Giveaways, Blog Tours, Interviews

I am all up for giveaways in the form of contests on my blog including all genres of books but provided that the publishers and the authors takes it upon themselves to arrange and send the books to the recipients.

Book Tour is a relatively new concept for me. I think I can manage the same if I can devote more time to the blog.

Author and publisher/editor interviews are something I am keenly looking forward to. However, I intend to mail my questions and receive the answers to the same through mail itself. You can also add/remove questions in the list if required but I reserve the rights to shuffle the sequence and publish it in a format I find suitable.

Publishing reviews elsewhere

I am an active Goodreads member and I will be publishing my reviews there. Upon request, I may also post shorter version of the same on Flipkart and Amazon. If you want me to publish the review on any other website like this, let me know.

Owing to the shady world of backlinking, you may not post my reviews anywhere else except for the official website/blog of the publisher or author and cite the original source aka my blog.

If you still have any queries, feel free to leave your comment or send me an email.


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