30 Day BOOKS Challenge – Day 28


Day 28: What book are you currently reading?

I am currently engrossed in Marley and Me. I am reading it since a week…and I have managed to reach page number 172/400+ (the fonts are HUGE). This is sort of my resolution…to read at least a couple of pages each day so that I can finish of a number of unread books on my shelf and get started with those suggested here on my blog πŸ˜€

Which book have you buried your nose into of late?


14 thoughts on “30 Day BOOKS Challenge – Day 28

      • The whole .series is an historically and detail accurate, witty telling of the adventures of a young apprentice to an enquiry agent in late Victorian England. Mystery and dry wit included. You have Welsh, Scottish, Chinese, Jewish, poisoners, Scotland yard, boxers, Guardsmen, pickpockets, murder, kidnappers, Hellfire Club, Irish dissidents, etc, mixed all through the books of tge series. And if that isn’t enough, a tad of romance, martial arts, and a spoiled Pekingnese dog. The first book is Some Danger Involved. We see the young apprentice begin and then grow through the books. He is witty, a scrapper, loves the ladies, and always ready to eat. I totally enjoy the books.

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