30 Day BOOKS Challenge – Day 17


Day 17: The Type Of Book That You Read The Most

Well, as much as I try to find variations in my reading patterns, it often boils down to works by authors who infuse culture (from any part of the world) in their fiction based book.  Want me to cite some examples?

2 thoughts on “30 Day BOOKS Challenge – Day 17

  1. I love khaled h’s books. The last one probably won’t be a favourite of mine, but a thousand splendid suns’s is definitely in the top 10. I haven’t read the namesake though I have seen the movie. Is the book better than the movie?

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    • The movie is brilliant. The book has more details. You should read it at least once. Some of her other stories are also way too good. I agree word to word on Khaled Hosseini 🙂


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