I Need A Help Here….

There was this story I read in a book as a child. It was Bengali translation of World’s best stories such as The Old Man and The Sea, The Good Earth, Mother, Hunchback Of Notre Dame among others. As you might already know by now, I do not have a great memory when it comes to remembering details of any book I read. The point is, I read this wonderful story in that book. The name of the story, unfortunately I do not remember. 😦 I have turned the pages of my memory upside down and here is what I remember. Please help me out, if you can and find out the name of the story/book for me.

  • Memory 1:Β The story is about this man, who makes a piece of infertile land on a mountain side fertile. He toils hard, really hard.
  • Memory 2: The man has a wife, who bears him two sons.
  • Memory 3: One of the sons flees and then returns, takes his share of property/money. Other son follows the footsteps of his father and toils hard.
  • Memory 4: The currency mentioned in the book as I remember is Krones. But then, many countries have Krones as their currency.
  • Memory 5: There is a mention of a mountain, which divides two countries. This is where I went crazy because….the country can be any of the Krone using countries. Norway, Sweden, Denmark. My Geography knowledge is…..not worth mentioning here. :-/

This is going to haunt my memory a long long time. 😦 If you happen to find out any leads on this, please let me know here. If you have any friends in these countries and have the slightest chance of knowing it, pass on the message if you can..


27 thoughts on “I Need A Help Here….

  1. Haha, I have to laugh now. I came here going to find you wrote something new about life in India, and instead you ask about Scandinavia!
    As a real genuine Viking I will of course help you with what I can πŸ™‚
    I love reading but I can’t remember reading the book you are mentioning. But it really resembles a story from the Bible: if you google “parable of the lost son” you’ll find it. It’s quite common with writers reusing old stories.
    I think the countries must be Sweden and Norway – you have to cross water to get to Denmark and not many people live at the small border between Finland and Sweden.
    Good luck with your searching!
    I’ll come to India for the first time in just two weeks, maybe you guys can wish me good luck too? πŸ˜‰

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  2. It sounds like someone’s idea of a retelling of the bible story about the prodigal son, Sucheta. Were I tp be proved right, I simply can’t imagine how you could refind this particular story from your … erhmmm … youth. [grin]

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