Don’t Dog Ear Books – Use A Bookmark

Image Source: Pixabay

Image Source: Pixabay

Dog ears look good on dogs and not books. It completely turns me off when someone dog ears books. It makes me breathe like a dragon when the books are mine. Why is it so hard to grab a bookmark or make one or buy some or think of something innovative and place it on the last read page?

Is it rocket science? No!

  • Print some. There are loads of free templates online, which I discussed with a fellow booklover. Take some neat prints on thick paper of your choice and what do you have there? Plenty of awesome looking bookmarks.
  • Grab a tag from your new clothes. They make so many pretty tags…branded or not, you can always use them as makeshift bookmarks!
  • Safety pin. Yes, a safety pin is thin, small, and can easily make a bookmark if you can’t find any lying around. Just make sure that the head of the pin is visible.
  • Tissue paper/paper napkin – clean one of course. Fold it in a thin rectangle and you are done for the time being.
  • Paper clips – these are by far the best bookmarks but you should never leave them for a long period of time else they rust or spoil pages.
  • Use a ribbon. If you are a guy, borrow some 😉
  • Just tear out a news paper or a carton and use it temporarily.
  • Old visiting cards also make great bookmarks.
  • Sticky notes can also serve as bookmarks, some of us just don’t think of them in that way.
  • Last one, use really thin twigs as bookmarks – they should be completely dry. Great if you have taken your book outdoors and forgotten your bookmarks.

Share your bookmark ideas with us!

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